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As a large state-owned pharmaceutical enterprises, Lukang Pharmaceutical always maintain a high degree of social responsibility, enthusiastic social welfare undertakings, in terms of poverty relief, the construction of environment friendly medical enterprises has made positive efforts and achieved good results.

The support of social welfare, relief of vulnerable groups is the tradition of lukang. In all kinds of disaster relief, disaster relief activities, Lukang acted quickly and actively donations, shouldering the social responsibility. Lukang actively carry out social fund-raising activities, perennial adhere to vulnerable groups of donor activities. In the fight against the "SARS" in 2003, the company donated nearly 2 million yuan of drugs, employees donated more than 100 thousand yuan. In 5.12 Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake disaster relief activities in the Lukang Lukang Pharmaceutical Drugs to the people in the disaster area for the first time, to ensure that the affected people's life safety and health; on the other hand, ensure the workshop full insurance yield, providing more quality safety for the disaster area people drug, to support disaster area construction take practical action.

To build a harmonious factory village, "neighborhood" atmosphere; adhere to the teaching assistants, research assistants, student assistants, take the responsibility of enterprises. Every year around the village and Lukang Association, jointly improve the environment and safety construction, and provide suitable jobs for some of the villagers to solve their livelihood problems, create a harmonious and stable relationship between the factory village. Lukang also funded the construction of the plant and between the neighboring village road, was named Xinhua Road, and the installation of lights, has made positive efforts for unity, stability and development of a society.

Student assistant, research assistant, teaching assistant is a long-term project of lukang. Enterprises perennial reception of students in Colleges and universities such as Zhejiang University internship and social practice activities, has been working with the National Association of key universities to carry out scientific research.

Now, standing at a new starting point, the Lukang medicine with a highly responsible attitude to the society, further innovative ideas, to ensure its own innovation, harmonious and sustainable and healthy development, and actively respond to national policies, enthusiastic about helping the poor, disaster relief and other social public welfare undertakings, and to the use of advanced technology, the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction and the construction of environment-friendly enterprise in performing social responsibility on the road ahead!


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