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Lukang Pharma Attended the CPhI China 2017

Lukang Booth (The front)

VIP reception room


Lukang Pharma attended the CPhI China 2017 during June 20-23. This exhibition attracted more than 2800 enterprises participating from the whole world, covered more than 165,000 sqm. In addition, the sponsor also organized many conferences, which delivered the latest regulation information and made participants understand the regulatory information in more detail and the industry development trend. As the professional exhibition, it is always one of the most important exhibition in pharmaceutical area around the world.


President Ms. Guo Qin(The second one from the left) was negotiating with customers.

General manager Mr. Peng Xin (The third one from the left)was negotiating with customers.

Vice general manager Mr. Liu Songqiang (The second one from the left) was negotiating with customers

Vice general manager Mr. Zhang Jie(The first one from the right)was negotiating with customers.

Vice general manager Mr.Wang Aiyu (The first one from the right) was negotiating with customers.


Company leaderships paid much attention to this CPHI. General manager Mr. Peng Xin himself confirmed the booth design and the relevant graphic design before exhibition. During the exhibition, president Ms. Guo Qin and general manager Mr. Peng Xin negotiated with seniors of customers frequently and participated the customers negotiation with the business person of Lukang Pharm, which played a key role in successfully closing CPhI. The company leaderships Ms. Liu Songqiang, Mr. Zhang Jie, Mr. Wang Aiyu and the relevant staff from marketing and purchasing department attended this CPhI.



The theme of Lukang Pharm in this CPhI was New Lukang, New future which you could see in the first time when stepping into the booth of Lukang Pharma. There were many pictures in the booth which showed the construction of the new industrial park and the enterprise planning. The larger LED screening broadcasted rolly the related videos presenting the development history of Lukang Pharm in recently years, which made the customers knew Lukangs prospect in further and increased their confidences to Lukang Pharm.


Business Negotiation

Another theme of the company in this CPhI is Green Development, Harmonious Symbiosis”. Under the stress of the environmental protection storm, the suppliers focused whether our environmental protection complied with the standard, and they thought environmental protection with high standards mean the continuous supplying ability and the good development prospects. The environmental protection construction in industrial park was exhibited on the biggest panel in the most eye-catching position. Customers appreciated our social responsibility.


Answering in the site


Further more, it was a beautiful scenery line that the young business person of our company showed the good quality and literacy in the CPhI. They dressed in a suit, with smiling and leisure, and talked lively and jovially with old and new customers. They showed the enterprise image, marketed new products and discussed the cooperation. On the one hand they tried their best to fulfill Lukang Pharms mission, on the other hand, they took the opportunity to improve the  quality and literacy, strived for the company and individuals.




By this exhibition, the business person discussed cooperation with customers and grained many business chances, and understood the market demand and its development trend in further; we showed enterprise image, increased the customers confidence to Lukang Pharma. Lukang Pharm will take this opportunity to strength  the international strategy driven, build hundreds years of Lukang.

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