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Shandong Lukang Shelile Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd. the veterinary medicine section of  Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., was established in 1993, and it wins one of the top 50 veterinary drug manufacturers in China and top 10 veterinary drug manufacturers in 2009. ,

 Shandong Lukang Shelile Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adhering to the purpose of "build first-class team, first-class enterprise, create first-class brand", from the first domestic production of veterinary API salinomycin products, has introduced the development the Salinomycin Sodium, Tylosin, Colistin Sulfate, Apramycin, Spectinomycin, Ceftiofur, Tilmicosin ,Tiamulin ,Flunixin meglumine series veterinary APIs, such as the size of the formed with an annual output of 12000 tons of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Shandong Lukang Shelile Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the Chinese veterinary API production and research and development leader, is a leading enterprise in the field of veterinary biologics, in 2014, by the ministry of agriculture to determine as the first batch of pilot enterprises veterinary drug quality tracking system. In the production and operation of veterinary API at the same time, committed to the research and development production high quality, differentiation of veterinary drug product. Since 2000, Shelile r&d centers has developed more than 60 kinds of veterinary preparation of new products, Water injection, feed additives, herbal extracts, such as production line production in succession, formed the pig with product series, poultry products series, aquatic products, feed additives, probiotics series five series of products. Tilmicosin Premix, Compound Amoxicillin Powder, Spectinomycin And Lincomycin Soluble Powder, Enrofloxacin Powder and Florfenicol Powder and other drug product deeply the major national breeding group and the end user's high praise.    

 Shandong Lukang Shelile Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has the first-class technology, advanced equipment and strict quality management system, always ensure the quality of the product qualified rate 100%. Company one-time through the ISO9001, ISO14001 and occupational safety and health management system certification, all products have passed the national GMP certification, spectinomycin hcl, AIV and Tylosin Tartrate products passed the FDA certification, Tylosin Tartrate achieved European medicine committee COS certificate. Salinomycin, Tylosin, etc by the China council for the promotion of international trade, the French technology quality joint joint committee recommended a recommended product "China's accession to the WTO recommended products"

Domestic product marketing and after-sales service network, expand the Americas, Europe, Africa, southeast Asia and other broad market in the world. "Lukang veterinary hospital", established in 2014, appointed national agricultural college founded seven industry experts Lukang veterinary hospital, consists of six doctor, master Lukang dynamic technical service department, by a number of professional veterinary line work in the sales and service in the market, establish Lukang veterinary medicine preparations technology service system. In Canada  the Canadian JNE BIO Company and Hong Kong Guanghua company joint venture set up "Canada Lukang pharmaceutical company of America", and with the Cuba government signed a long-term cooperation agreement; The domestic market and the large breeding group established long-term cooperative relationship.

 Shandong Lukang Shelile Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in "the real service to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, to build a harmonious ecological, expand animal biological pharmaceutical enterprise in China" as own duty, will continue to innovation and development, the practice of the new development plan, guide animal biological pharmaceutical industry development of a new era, with first-class quality to participate in market competition, to build a world-class animal biological medicine production base.

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